The farm

The Barker family has owned the farm at Burneston for many generations and have records of Emma Barker buying land in 1876.

Richard’s Great Grandfather, on returning from France after the First World War, married and moved to Burneston in 1920. The family has farmed the land through four generations ever since, always keeping cattle and sheep. Our daughter is the fourth generation of the family to attend Burneston School.

Four generations of the Barker Family has farmed the land at Burneston.

As well as the working farm we keep a few bee hives in the woods which adjoin the caravan park, for our little buzzing friends who love to fly around our up and coming wildflower areas planted by our children.

In springtime the field adjacent to the caravan park is the home of some of our very cute pet lambs, all hand reared and therefore extremely friendly and very partial to a scratch of the head or a tickle under the chin!!!

Free range eggs and honey are available to purchase so just ask!

Aysgarth Falls, North Yorkshire

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The barker family on their farm at Burneston

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